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The story of The Cashew Cutie

I’ve been baking and cooking for a long time, but I recently began a vegan lifestyle and have had to change the way I cook in the kitchen. It’s been a learning process — and still very much is — but I wanted to create a comfortable space where we can learn together! 

I’m definitely not a perfect vegan (or in general), so I’m always learning from my mistakes. I’ve tried so many different products, recipes, and tips until I found out what works best for me. With The Cashew Cutie, I want to show what I’ve learned in my own recipes to help anyone and everyone interested in this lifestyle. I know there can be a lack of accessibility when eating vegan, so I try to only use ingredients that are easy to find and affordable. I’m always interested in what you have to say, so send over anything you want me to try, questions, or advice you may have. I hope you enjoy my recipes, tips, and occasional kitchen fail, and thanks for stopping by!