About The Cashew Cutie

Hi I’m Stef, and welcome to The Cashew Cutie!

I was born and raised in Southern California, where I currently reside, but lived in Upstate New York and more recently, Arizona. About 2 years ago, I started eating a (mostly) plant-based diet — figuring out how to transform my favorite foods and new recipes into a budget-friendly and accessible vegan dish has been my main project since starting this lifestyle. 

My mom taught me the basics of cooking when I was 11, starting off small with a pot of rice and graduating to more complicated processes like rolling lumpia (Filipino egg rolls that are impossible to stop eating). Since then, I’ve been able to cook, but didn’t have a passion for it until I became interested in eating less meat. 

After begging my parents to let me be pescatarian (vegetarian but you can eat fish), and ultimately being shut down, I decided on vegetarianism a couple years into college, where I could buy my own groceries and cook my own meals. A year later I met my now-boyfriend who, after getting a job at a local vegan restaurant, convinced me to try eating plant-based. And here we are!

I’ve always thought about starting a food blog, but with the current stay-at-home situation, I figured why not finally take the leap? I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading! 

Here’s some tidbits about me before you go:

  • I used to be a writer/editor for food magazines and entertainment websites, but now I’m transitioning to social media marketing.
  • My all-time favorite snacks are a handful of cashews (hence the blog name) or a bowl of mango, fresh or frozen. If I could, I’d seriously eat those two things every day for the rest of my life.
  • Potential hot take: I despise capers, olives, and fennel seeds.
  • When I’m not cooking or baking for fun, I like painting, reading, and if it’s sunny, I’ll sit outside in that sunshine. 
  • My most chaotic bad habit is cutting my hair when I’m bored, and my strangest habit is blowing on anything I take out of a kitchen cabinet before using it. Even if it’s coming out of the drying rack, I will blow on it. I don’t have any explanation for that.